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2 responses

21 03 2016
Craig Kuske, SE, PE, MLSE

Good morning Matt, Nate Wilson gave me your name as an excavating resource. In Minneapolis, does a contractor need a permit to install an earth retention system? We’re trying to figure out if a project had one installed, and if its possibly still in place? If a permit is required, we could contact the city and find out who took out the permit. Thanks.

25 02 2018
Brad Elliott

Most cost-effective containment liner?

In business for over 36 years, BTL ( developed the world’s first heavyweight reinforced polyethylene (RPE) liners in the 1980’s and is the leading worldwide supplier and fabricator of these liners for water and fluids containment in a wide variety of applications. Our North American-made proprietary reinforced PPL® liners and BTL® liners range in thickness from 12-45 mils and are the strongest and most cost effective RPE liners available in our industry today. With typical factory turnaround times of 1 to 2 business days, we have furnished hundreds of millions of square feet of our liners around the world for thousands of different projects and applications, including pits, ponds and lagoons of all kinds in the U.S. and internationally.

Unlike many PVC, EPDM, or HDPE liners, our liners are inert and provide superior UV and chemical resistance in a more cost effective way. BTL liners are also MUCH stronger and can be factory-fabricated into large lightweight cost-effective custom panels, ideal for your project needs. Our BTL-40 has an unheard of Mullen Burst Strength of 1220 psi!

We specialize in working directly with contractors, end-users, developers and engineers to install our liners as required utilizing local equipment and personnel and no job is too large or too small. With our ability to make the largest single panels in the liner industry (up to 200,000 sq.ft.) in our state-of-the-art 84,000 square foot facility, unmatched turnaround and installation time frames, uncompromising quality and customer service, we provide significant savings over typical liner installations. BTL also makes custom geotextile pads, custom boxed liners in any length, width and depth as well as tarps, covers, and portable berms of all sizes and shapes!

The next time your project requires a strong and dependable containment liner, BTL would like to be your RPE liner supplier. Let me know if I can put a brochure with sample in the mail for you and we look forward to working with you.

Thanks for your consideration and please contact me with any questions,


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