Company Description

The mission of Brenteson Companies, Inc. is to be a leader in the construction industry, specializing in commercial site and utility work. Brenteson Companies, Inc. strives to provide the highest quality service possible, working efficiently with general contractors and other sub contractors on every job. Our mission statement follows:

“To be a leader in the construction industry, specializing in commercial site and utility work and to provide the highest quality service possible to our customers. ”


Brenteson Companies, Inc. is a continuation of Big Lake Sand & Gravel, later named Brenteson Construction Inc., which was established in 1942 by Fred and John Brenteson in Big Lake, Minnesota. Terry, Larry and Dean Brenteson bought the business from Fred in 1977. They specialized in road building, residential work, commercial work, and fulfilling the need of the local community as it grew. In May of 2003, Matt Brenteson purchased Brenteson Construction, Inc. changing the name to Brenteson Companies, Inc. The value added benefit of dealing with a third generation company is immeasurable as experience, reputation, integrity, and continuity all come into play to give the customer un-paralleled service in this industry. In keeping with this continuity, the company has kept its location in Big Lake ever since it’s inception. They have earned an enviable reputation for quality work, while maintaining their local, hometown business image.

Brenteson Companies, Inc. specializes in commercial site and utility work. Site work includes preparing the proposed building sites by clearing and grading for the building pads, sidewalks, parking lots, and digging and backfilling the foundations. State of the art GPS technologies are used for establishing lines of grade. Utility work includes installing city water and sewer services, tapping into main lines, and restoring streets. Brenteson Companies also installs storm sewers, and water drainage systems, including digging surface water retention ponds. Utility work also includes repairing, removing, abandoning, and disconnecting existing utilities.

Brenteson Companies, Inc. offers the benefits of being a small, efficient, organized company that is committed to detail and lasting relationships with contractors, customers and employees. The size of the company allows for flexibility for the various services Brenteson Companies, Inc. performs. The company efficiently perform services from small additions for existing sites to complete site development, allowing us to have a hands on approach to each individual project.

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